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Monday, May 15, 2017

Update : I'M BACK + Weigh in! (W6, D1)

Hello guys :D

Sorry for the random disappearance, it's been so long I can't remember if i even let you guys know where I went. I spent the last 2 weeks in singapore :P. Before I explain why I didn't blog let's do our weigh in and measurements.

Because I was on holiday and eating a crap load, i'd be happy if i lost any amount of weight T_T!

209.6 (I'm never taking theses on my phone again -_-)

I don't know what happened 0_0. How did I lose 2.2 lbs?! I guess it must have been all the walking in singapore lol. I can't wait to go back to uni or get a job, something that requires a little more activity in my day day lives.
Yes I am aware my feet are hairier than shrek's but if I cared I wouldn't have posted it lol.

So since we hit 6 weeks, I should have recorded my measurements at 4 weeks - but I was on holiday so here goes! (it's in CM by the way).

Neck :               34.5        -1.5
Bust :                107         -5.0
Right arm :      38.5        -1.5
Left arm :         
40          -2.0
Natural waist : 87.5       -3.5
Waist :               112.5     -0.5
Hip :                  119.5     -2.5
Right thigh :     73          -2.0
Left thigh :        74          -4.0

Total:                               -22.5

Holy crap, I have always scoffed at taking measurements but DAMN am I glad I did. Truth be told, I know I set my diet up to lose 1 lbs a week, but sometimes losing 1 digit on the scale looks ... disheartening from time to time. Some days I thought my diet wasn't working and it was all water weight, And then when days come where you can't even hit 1lbs, I feel like a complete failure. But the numbers above show I have lost 22.5 cm off my body. Thats 9 inches gone! I was wondering why my saree blouse felt loose XD.

Anyway I don't think i;ll take my measurements at 8 weeks, that's only 2 weeks away and i'm not losing another 9 inches by then XD. Who knows, if the scale doesn't budge i might take them.

But here's my small update on why I was gone for so long and why I couldn't blog in Singapore :

Image result for singapore

I was going to bring my laptop along and blog abroad, but a evil villain called luggage allowance meant my mother threw my laptop out - and didn't tell me. 
Not that it mattered much since our airbnb had NO WIFI FOR A WEEK. The woman only gave me wifi when I practically threatened to leave a bad review - she could have easily gotten it on the first day but she wasn't bothered. I feel bad for the threat but it did the job lol

However even if I did have my laptop and wifi, I doubt I would have blogged, since the 2 weeks in singapore where spent helping my brother organise his wedding (and going to the wedding lol)
It happened in china town!

Unfortunately it's not my wedding so I probably shouldn't share anymore pictures.

But that's why I haven't been blogging. 
Now i'm back and more motivated by ever thanks to the results I'm seeing!
I'm out and good luck to anyone else on this journey XOXO