Weightloss Counter

Bucket List

I know my 'weight loss goal' is probably the first thing you notice on my blog, but the truth is I don't really care for it.
I pretty much googled the absolute ideal weight for my supposed frame and height and wrote it down. But i've been on a weight loss journey ruled by numbers and trust me, I never want to repeat that experience again. 

So this is where I post my real goals, goals that can be achieved whether I lose weight or not, They just require confidence! (Or parents that will let me wear a bikini haha!).

  • Wear a bikini (and feel happy about it)
  • Wear shorts (which means stop being lazy and shave your legs)
  • Get in touch with my best friend
  • Run a 5k
  • Run a 10k
  • Run the london marathon
  • Wear stilettoes
  • Wear a sleeveless dress
  • Wear a strapless dress
  • Wear a saree and feel good about it
  • Go to a make-up course
  • Get a piggy back
  • Get some to carry me princess style (future husband WHERE ARE YOU)
  • Do a zip line experience
  • Bungee jumping!

I'll continue to add more goals as time goes on :)

Until then! Bye lovelies Xxx