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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

No progress > Bad progress (W3, D2)

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I gained 0,2lbs which puts my weigh tloss at 0.6lbs after 2 weeks -_-'.

I fully expected me to gain weight this week with the way I have been dieting.
Monday I had a wedding AND a reception dinner. That's 2 unhealthy meals already.

Then wednesday I went shopping and got mcdonalds - I know I know but I needed to save money. Then the rest of the days was spent preparing for my brothers wedding on the other side of the world so I haven't exercised.... more than 2 days,

Even so I'm kind of impressed i haven't put much weight on, 0.2 lbs is about 100 grams.

One thing I did do was make myself a reward calendar! 

I've added a printable section so you guys can download your own weight loss reward calendar thingy... I need to name asap.

I might decide to add more printables, I have a few ideas I'd like to do,

For the next 2 weeks I'm travelling to Singapore, I do not believe there is a weighing scale, if there is that's great, but I might not be able to keep up with my weigh ins. I might compensate with food blogs on singapore while i'm there - I''m trying to eat healthy though XD.

Til next time!
bye XOXO

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Reeeally slow progress (Weight in) - (W2, D1)


Anyway, hello guys i'm back again for my 2nd weigh in. And as you can see in the picture I have lose a total of 0.8 pounds...

Can't say i'm surprised again.

I was doing super well in the beginning. I worked out from monday to thursday and I had less than 300 'unhealthy calories' a day. Then the excuses started flooding in when it came to exercise.

It's too hard.
I don't like PIIT.
My muscles hurt.
I'm too heavy to do pilates -_-'

The thing with PIIT 28 is you get out what you put in. If your push yourself to the limit, then chances are you'll get the results you want. If your like me who half asses the moves and pretty much rolls around on her exercise mat - i'm not sure you'll get your results.

Food was going well, I had one unhealthy binge though - Easter Sunday. I carefully measured out 300 calories of the chocolate egg - and somehow it all disappeared XD.

Thought despite this I still managed to lose 0.8 lbs. This may seem like a failure to others but I need to look at the bright side if i want to stay on track on this journey.

For the next week i'm making a couple of changes.
As much as I have seen the differences PIIT 28 has made on other people, I don;t think I can manage it at my current fitness level. I try the moves even with modifications and often I still can not execute the moves properly. So in terms of exercise, I will do 30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill followed by 2 blogilates videos a day - about 20 minutes of pilates.

Let's see how that works out. :)

Let's hope we can lose a pound by the next weigh in! (I still need to take progress pictures -_-')

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Our First Measurements (W1, D3)

This time round, rather than screaming at the scale when it doesn't budge, i'm also taking my measurements just incase :P
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Neck : 36
Bust : 112
Right arm : 40
Left arm : 42
Natural waist : 91
Waist : 113
Hip : 122
Right thigh : 75
Left thigh : 78

And don't worry guys these are in centimetres not inches haha. Last two days have been fine, I skipped exercise yesterday but I did my exercise today. I'm also thinking about a youtube channel?? Just as a video diary I guess, I'm used to editing and speaking in front of the camera from my gaming channel so it might be fun. We'll see how long this lasts XD.

Anyway's i'm out, good luck to everyone else on this journey!

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Starting Point - (W1, D1)

It's so hard to take a picture while standing on a scale 0_0

Uh oh.

I'm 212.4 lbs (96.3 kg).
Yeah, this number doesn't make me feel good.
But it's a start and we all have to start somewhere. :(

Day 1 of diet is almost over and I've managed to do well even though I went out for lunch.
My unhealthy calories came from an ice lolly while my friends had a 500 calorie milkshake -_-'.
I've done my PIIT for the day but I didn't get any cardio in, I busted my foot on an escalator while I was out for lunch XD

Image result for falling down escalator gif
I didn't do that, promise XD
All in all, I feel like trash.
I think the scale put a damper on my day but I know I have to face it and acknowledge it if I want to move on.
I hope anyone else on their own weight loss journey, or any journey, continue to stay motivated!

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My next post should be next weeks weigh in, unless their is anything else I want to record before then :). 
Until then! XOXO

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Start (W0, D0)

Phew, I've spent the last 3 hours starting up this blog.
I had so much fun I didn't even realise where the time went!

But for right now I'm off to bed to get ready for tomorrow.

I know i'm going to be deathly terrified of the scale and i'll probably cry. But I need to acknowledge this number and know i'm not going back to it :).

Good night guys!

Image result for starting a new diet
Not my feet, my toes are hairier :P